The Java Masterclass is set up for the new Digital & Testing recruits at Sogeti. The masterclass consists of a variety of trainings, hosted by both internal as external instructors.

The subjects that are covered are as follow:

Project Management
Information about the role of a project manager, working with the PDCA method and the usage of Git.
This training also covers an exercise where the attendees must plan a project together in a limited amount of time and deal with the difficulties of decision making in a group.

Agile & Scrum
This starts with the basic principles of Agile & Scrum and provides a quick look at other implementations of Agile. The course is all about learning the differences between Agile and its implementations (Scrum), the benefits of working with increments, how and when to use it in contrast to the waterfall method and the history and evolution of Agile & Scrum.
Both theory and practice are covered sufficiently during this training.


Everything about the benefits and importance of the DevOps methodology and how this leads to the achievement of the objectives, which are among others; Automation (Continues Integration & Testing), Implemented standards and inventory + investigation on CMDB. The experiences of the instructors also contribute to a better understanding of this methodology.

Softskills (wellicht geen interview skills benoemen hier?)
This course, with the emphasis on practice, is all about improving social skills focused on a work environment.
You learn how to present yourself by literally giving presentations/speeches and staying self aware during. Besides this, you also learn how to communicate better with your colleagues (e.g. how to deal with angry people). Overall this training makes you more of an effective team-player by raising the (self-)awareness and confidence of one.

The basics of the TMapĀ® NEXT methodology, different testing techniques, an introduction to test automation and a testing workshop.

IBM Watson
An interactive course on how to use IBM’s Watson via Bluemix, discovering the possibilities and its potential along the way. The training offers a hands on experience and therefore provides familiarization with the cloud and a better understanding of the value of cognitive systems.